Fletcher Street

We are an interdisciplinary creative agency focusing on design and graphics for film, TV, and the arts. We approach every brief with open ears, fresh eyes and bubbling minds.


Queer Screen Film Fest

  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Festival Campaign
    • Festival Program
    • Print/Digital Advertising
    • Cinema Slides

Now in it’s fourth year, Queer Screen Film Festival celebrates the diversity of the LGTBIQ community locally and internationally. The brief for this campaign was inclusiveness and equality. 

The Checkout

  • Rebrand The Checkout S6
  • Art Direction
  • Logo
  • Graphics For Show Segments
  • Social Media Banners

The Checkout is an Australian consumer affairs television series which first aired in 2013. For the 6th season of the show it was time for a complete rebrand of the show’s graphics. This is when the “ambiguous rounded rectangle” was born, or as we affectionately call it - the TARR. The TARR represents many items consumers interact with on a daily basis. It can morph from credit a card to a phone, fridge or a bus, from an oven to a speaker or petrol bowser.

The TARR lives on an angle over “The Checkout” logotype. It’s also used as a “revealing” device during the show - uncovering dodgy hidden ingredients and marketing hooey.


  • Art Direction
  • Illustration

Sheilas is a ripper webseries about badass women of Australian history. Each episode of Sheilas has been crafted from a feminist perspective and aims to educate young people about the untold Australian history.

Our brief was to create a brand that was uniquely Australian and feminine while giving a nod to the strength of the shows protagonists.

During the intro sequence hand-drawn Aussie botanicals cradle the title before being shot and set on fire, the remaining bullet holes and fire are used across the entire brand.